About Me

My name is Jeff Delp and I am the creator of jd 24/7.  By day, I am a school administrator in development - the principal of Willis Junior High School in Chandler, Arizona.  I am committed to life-long learning and professional development.  This blog is a means for me to share what I learn, reflect on what I am doing, and hopefully improve as a school leader...and as a person.

A former math and science teacher, I am passionate about the use of technology to improve classroom instruction and address the individual needs of students.  There is a soft place in my heart for middle school students, and I especially enjoy working to re-engage disconnected learners...something readers of my blog will quickly recognize.

In addition to my life at school, I am a husband and father.  I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and getting outdoors.  I consider myself an artist (albeit one with limited talent), and enjoy the mediums of writing and photography.  Much to my wife's chagrin, I also have a penchant for bicycles.  

A graduate of Kansas State University and Arizona State University, I will always be a Wildcat at heart - bleeding purple.  Go State!