Saturday, July 27, 2013

Staying Connected with Digg Reader

Like many, I was heavily reliant on Google Reader to manage my blog subscriptions and keep up with my professional learning network.  As an avid twitter user, I have developed connections with many fellow educators, and I do my best to read about the work of others for inspiration, to challenge my own thinking, and to develop friendships.  Naturally, I was disappointed when Google announced it was shutting down its popular RSS feed reader, and I began looking for a replacement.

After trying numerous potential replacements, I have settled on a rather obscure alternative (and late arrival to the scene) - Digg Reader.  Perhaps my favorite thing about Google Reader was it's simplicity -- something that Digg Reader does an excellent job replicating.  If you are looking for a reader that is rich in features, this may not be your top choice, but Digg Reader has plenty of functionality to effectively manage a large number of feed subscriptions.

Web App

As you can see, the web interface is extremely minimalistic -- something that I appreciate (keeps me from getting distracted by clutter).  Users are able to organize feeds into folders, save them to read at a later date, or share them to Twitter or Facebook.

iOS Application

Digg Reader also has an iOS application that functions almost identically to the web application, allowing users to keep up with their feed while on the go.  Since Digg Reader is relatively new, I am hopeful that the Digg team will continue to add features, and options to integrate with other applications (like Evernote)--while maintaining its simplicity.  But for now, I am sold.  Digg Reader is definitely a viable replacement for Google Reader.

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