Sunday, August 25, 2013

Keep Going. Keep Going. Keep Going.

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Believe it or not, tomorrow is the beginning of our sixth week of school.  My twitter feed is filled with messages about schools starting up, and teachers/students returning to school.  Meanwhile we have surpassed the midway point of our first quarter.  Overall, it has been a relatively smooth beginning to the school year.

That being said, when I committed to renewing my effort at blogging, I promised myself that I would be honest in my writing. A career in education isn't always a walk in the park, and I think it is important that in writing about our experiences in school we lay out the challenges -- as well as the successes.  Sometimes those who are feel discouraged, from time to time, need to know they are not alone.  

This year, our student enrollment is up.  That is good.  Our staffing is about the same.  That's not great.  We have fewer administrators.  Good, or bad -- depends on your perspective -- but as one of those administrators, I am definitely feeling stretched.  I see more students with personal, and academic concerns.  That increases the challenges and pressures faced by our teaching staff.  I know we don't have the resources we should have in a perfect world (but, when has that ever been the case).  In short, we have a arduous road ahead of us...something that could be said of all committed educators.  

Truth be told, there are days that I'm tired.  Days I'm frustrated.  Times when I am not necessarily giddy about facing the challenges of the day...or the week.  But just like we emphasize to our students, grit and determination is important.  See challenges, and failure, as opportunities.  Get back on the proverbial horse.  We have to keep going.

Each Monday is a chance to climb back in the trenches.  An opportunity to make a difference for others -- students, parents, colleagues, and the school community.  I can guarantee that there will be many successes in the week to come.  They may be small, and we may have to do some searching, but they'll be there if we are willing to look.  Use those small victories to fuel your efforts.  

Like many, I have become a fan of Soul Pancake's, Kid President.  One of his latest messages is A Tiny Poem to the World.  Sound advice as we begin another week.  Keep going.  Keep going.  Keep going.

Make it a great week!

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