Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tomorrow Will Be Better

cc flickr photo by azjd
The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.  ~ Abraham Lincoln
Today was one of "those" days.  Chaotic from the beginning.  In the past, I have compared the experience to playing a game of Asteroids -- frantically trying to shoot down all of the issues before a massive collision occurs.   The longer you "play," the more likely you are to miss the "rocks" hurtling around you.  Today, I definitely took some direct hits.

I was at a district training all day yesterday, so of course, I was behind before I walked in the door.  My email inbox was overflowing.  I had several discipline referrals -- with other issues popping up during the day.  A few parents called with concerns, and to top it off, I had a couple hours of flag football supervision (something I would normally enjoy if not for the 108 degree temperature, and the fact that I was wearing dress clothes).  By the end of the day, I was tired, hot, frustrated, and as you can tell from this post, not extremely positive.

Even in my third year as a principal, I am still really struggling to manage my workload in a way that allows me to be "in the moment" throughout the day.  While I suspect everyone has their struggles, I envy those school leaders who make it look easy.  I don't feel effective when I have "asteroid" days, and when I reflect on the experience, I am appalled at how quickly my focus shifts from people, to tasks -- when I am overwhelmed.  That isn't a good thing.

In spite of today's struggles (and I know there will be more to come), tomorrow is a new day, and I will find a way to make it a better.


  1. I struggle with the same issues and love your comparison to asteroids. Remember how a big rock would just turn into a bunch of smaller rocks, isn't that the case as a Principal!
    I don't have a solution, other that words of advice a former superintendent once gave me when we talked about leadership vs. management. He said "The way you manage shows your true leadership style".

    1. Hey Kyle...thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I do remember how blasting the big rock would turn it into a bunch of little ones...and you are right, the same thing happens with a lot of the issues we face :) Like your superintendents advice...we will keep working on a solution!

      Thanks again.

      ~ Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff,

    You are right, we all have those days! You are not alone.

    It is frustrating to be behind before you even get in the door. I have those days as a well. It's difficult when you are required to be out of the building.

    I think realizing the struggle with focus will, in time, help you to refocus where you want to have your focus. If not all the time, at least sometimes. It's a start, right? By the way, it's sounds to me like you were focussing on people throughout your day - students, parents, and more students (football).

    Tomorrow IS a new day. It WILL be better.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Tia,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read/comment, and your encouragement. When "those days" happen, I find that I have to be very intentional about slowing down and taking one step at a time. I have to make sure I am completing tasks with purpose. Some days I am successful at doing that, other days I fail miserably :) the end, we get the chance to try again the next day.

      Thanks again,